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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 19, 2015 8:30am-9:01am EST

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tracking that cold weather that moves in. >> shut the front door. it is cold on this saturday morning. we're below freezing still. it's a little over an hour pasu sunrise. the sun is not working its magic yet. the low sun angle really not helping. the winds that did get gusty overnight has diminished a bit. storm team 4 city camera looking out over the water there. temperatures hover iing around degrees. it's in the 20s to 30 degrees in the shenandoah valley. sunset is at 4:49. between now and then, the winds increase by later this morning, gusting 25 miles an hour around midday. then around midafternoon ought to be hovering in the low to mid-40s for a brief time. winds diminish overnight tonight. a look at that warmup on the way
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for the week ahead. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. a man is accused of rape. this morning, new evidence of missed opportunities to put him behind bars. >> 21-year-old antoine pitt made his first court appearance on friday. that was more than two months after police say he attacked a young mother in d.c.'s east hill neighborhood. we now know part of what helped police catch him were his distinctive shoelaces. >> jackie bensen has the details you'll hear only on news 4. 21-year-old antoine pitt was arrested september 30th in a bathroom at the martin luther king jr. library, suspected of selling synthetic drugs and with a tempered gps monitoring ankle bracelet in his backpack. news 4 has learned that at a court hearing, a prosecutor asked the judge to keep pitt behind bars but was released and ordered to commit no further crimes. a court supervision services official tells news 4 efforts were made to locate pitt, two weeks later in the 1800 block of a street southeast, a young mother working from home looked up to
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see a man standing in her living room. according to court documents, he began to sexually assault her, saying stop fighting or i'll kill you. the charging documents against pitt noted the victim's injuries included facial fractures that required surgery, bruising to her face, neck, body and limbs. by phone, d.c. council member charles allen said strengthening penalties for certain types of gps tampering might be warranted. >> cutting off, removing it in that fashion is much more egregious than simply letting the battery die out. >> reporter: court documents reveal pit is also accused of another crime after removing the gps ankle bracelet. an october 6th burglary on michigan avenue near catholic university. a woman woke up to find a man standing in her room. she said, hello. he said, i will get out of here. she told the police the man left with her tote bag containing her phone, wallet and university i.d. >> jackie bensen reporting there.
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jackie said in court yesterday, both victimç noted the suspect's distinctive gray shoes with orange shoelaces. >> police are trying to figure out who shot three people at a community center in prince george's county. this happened yesterday at kentland community center in landover. one person was found at the scene. other victims were taken to the hospital. all three victims are being treated at prince george's hospital center. no arrests have been made and the maryland national capital park police department is investigating the shooting. police say it may have been road rage that led to a shooting outside of pentagon city mall. police say a man had trouble using his credit card at the gate, at the mall's parking garage on 15th street. he asked the driver behind him to back up. that's when they exchanged words. the second driver fired a shot into the air and then sped off. police spotted the suspect's car and chased him into d.c., taking two men into custody near the third street tunnel.
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police recovered a gun thrown during the chase. they're still looking for the driver who was stuck at the gate. prince william county police looking for an armed robbery suspect in two separate incidents. the robber apparently held up a sunoco gas station on wellington road last night and possibly connected with another robbery. he was wearing a white or gray hoodie, jeans and a ski mask. if you saw anything, police want to hear from you. a state of emergency is in place in san bernardino county. california governor jerry brown made that announcement yesterday. the state department of public health will step in to help the county health division until it gets back to normal staffing level. earlier this month, a couple opened fire at a local social services center. 14 people were killed. and president obama is meeting privately with the families of the victims in that terrorist attack. a husband and wife killed 14 people in the shooting earlier this month and more than 20
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others were hurt. the president is making the stop on his way to hawaii for his annual holiday vacation. he said meeting with the loved ones of those who were fatally shot two weeks ago was a reminder of what's good in the country. 8:35, the democratic presidential candidates are set to debate in new hampshire and all eyes will likely be on hillary clinton and how she chooses to address bernie sanders' data breach scandal. overnight, the sanders camp and dnc reached a deal after suspending access to the data base after it was learned they improperly accessed voters information compiled by clinton's campaign. you'll recall, sanders went on a famous rant about clinton's e-mail scanned until e-mail scandal in a previous debate. >> are you one of those people, the ones who waited until today to cross off your christmas list? i'll show you howç retailers a putting the super in super
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saturday. that will mean big savings for you. >> and the controversial topic that fairfax leaders are doing a 180 on that could impact your child's school. several lanes on i-395 north in northern virginia are still shut down at this hour. vdot crews working on a new pedestrian bridge. that's happening around the seminary road area. the lanes should re-open in less than 30 minutes at 9:00 this morning. we're back after this.
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now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. seyour local ford dealer. 8:38. happening right now in prince george's county. 'tis the season for giving. the police department is doing their part by helping families in need. >> news 4's derrick ward is live at police headquarters with the heartwarming story.% we have a lot of action early on this saturday. >> good morning. oh, a lot of action on saturday morning. actually this started last
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night. people were actually out here lining up. they are saying 25,000 people to be helped by this toys for tots drive. inside, it's like a major production beginning on where they stuff the bags in one place, bring them out and get people in and out in a short length of time. with me is soon to be the interim chief. this is really important for prince george's county police, isn't it? >> it's tremendously important to us. it demonstrates the caring side of policing. you'll see people here from the united states marine corps, the fire department, the can teteen all the public safety comes around to assist the public at this time of year when need is felt critically in certain areas. it's about reaching out and letting the public know we're more than enforcing laws. it's the caring industry we participate in. >> you say it's amazing how many toys you were given. this speaks to the willingness of people to help. >> the outpouring has been particularly strong this year. i'll just encourage you, if you
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have time later to go into our gymnasium, you'll see there's a pile of stuffed animals stacked up to the roof of our gym. there's hundreds of bicycles lined up and there's thousands and thousands of other toys there, all, again, this community wrapping it aflself around others at this time of need. but this also important time of celebration and joy. >> exactly. people who want to help, is there still time if they want to make donations? >> absolutely. bring them right here to police headquarters. contact any of the police officers, fire officials, marine corps officers that you'll see in uniform and say we'd like to participate. we'd like to bring a little something to help today. and we will gladly accept that. >> finally, understand the signup is already full. you're not taking anybody else but you're taking signups for next year. >> to your point, this is not something that's orchestrated on the fly. there's a lot of time by the police department, the fire department and the marine corps that goes into this on the front end. all this has been planned out in advance. the opportunities for this year are closed but, again, next year is open.
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>> excellent. thank you much for joining us. a great thing you guys are doing. we're live on barlow road. news 4, back to you. >> thank you, derrick. great story. look at this. >> yes, this is by far one of the hottest gifts of the season. but we've shared with you several of the stories. reports of hover boards catching fire randomly. remember that? there's another danger engineers say you may not see coming. >> we have the video to show you. stick around. >> that's true. >> baby, it's finally cold outside. i think i heard tom kierein singing that earlier. >> singing it well. >> what tom says we can expect
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you're watching news 4 today. we have a name for every day of the week now. today, super saturday. it's the last weeks before christmas and shoppers will be hitting the stores. >> are you part of that statistic, people who wait until the last minute. one in three people haven't bought a gift you. >> i am part of that statistic. >> are you? >> no, i'm not. i'm not braving those crowds. jcpenney has door buster deals kicking off at 8:00ç thi morning. toys "r" us will be open for a straight 48 hours leading up to christmas eve. courtney reagan has more on the shoppers getting the store deals versus retailers making a profit. >> the final weekend for holiday shopping is upon us and
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retailers are hoping for a strong finish. shopper track says this saturday often called super saturday typically ranks second in terms of retailers in-store revenue. black friday still number one. monday and the day after christmas are also expected to rank in the top ten. according to the national retail federation, the final week of december can account for as much as 15% of retailers holiday sales. retailers are doing what they can to win shoppers' final holiday dollars, online and in store. kohl's is staying open for 170 straight hours through christmas eve. best buy has extended hours leading up to christmas and automatic free two-day shipping for online orders made by tuesday morning. target is offering 10% off gift cards on december 20th and delivery in time for christmas for online orders placed by the 21st. >> certainly amazon, again, is having a spectacular season. but if you look at the list of the top four retailers online,
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you do notice that walmart and target are having a very successful season. >> reporter: but unseasonably warm weather in much of the country is hitting retail hard this year, taking a big bite out of winter-related goods, pushing retailers to discount deeper. looking at more than 150,000 shopper receipts, consumer market research company info scout says as a result consumers are buying more this holiday season and it's costing them less. >> in order to make up the difference, retailers are having to sell more units at a lower price. you saw walmart do this with wrangler jeans for $10 a pair. you see many retailers offering promotions where they're making up for the lower prices on volume by selling more product. >> reporter: as the clock ticks toward christmas, retailers will settle for just winning the sale, almost regardless of what it costs. courtney reagan, cnbc. new information now on decision 2016. a deal has been reached between the bernie sanders camp and the
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democratic national convention after a data breach scandal. this comes just hours ahead of the third democratic debate. they struck a deal late last night, restoring access to critical voter data. this is after the dnc suspended all of that data. information came out that some of his staffers exploited a software error and downloaded some critical data of the hillary clinton campaign. you'll want to check in with chuck todd on "meet (he press" tomorrow. he'll talk with some of the leading gop candidates about the fight for the top of the race. 8:47. hover boards are still being sold this holiday season despite a federal investigation. c "consumer reports" evaluated three of the devices ranging in price from $300 to $800. one engineer learned the hard
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way that whale they're easy to get the hang of, they can quickly pick up speed. >> it went that way and i was going that way. >> well, check out these other videos here. it seems to be happening a lot. might need a bottom pad, right? >> yes. >> "consumer reports" recommend a helmet, pads and guards while riding these hover boards. i remember one christmas, this is back in the '80s i got a skateboard. it was a back to the future skateboard. >> that's where the hover board idea came out from. >> my father would not let us out unless i had a helmet. i was like a robot. i had elbow pads and knee pads. >> you're here today to tell the story. >> i am. we're on our live feed. go to nbc washington's facebook page. one of the things we're talking about is last-minute shopping and how a lot of people waited until the last minute to get out
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there. they'll have to bundle up. >> it will be busy today, let us say. good weather for you to get out and buy my present. temperatures holing steady, near freezing where we are now for another couple of hours. a gentle breeze is now blowing. live view from the capital camera that's been turned and pointing now toward union station. the flag in the foreground. just a gentle 5 mile-an-hour wind flapping that flag. later today, they may just to 25, 30 miles an hour. you'll need a warm coat, hat, gloves and sunglasses if you're heading out to do some shopping. temperatures in the 20s to near 30 degrees. we've been holing steady for the last two or three hours. it's a little bit above freezing on the eastern shore. just near freezing now, shenandoah valley and out into the mountains, right near the 32 degree mark. holiday shopping forecast by 10:00 will be in the upper 30s.
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temperatures reach the low, maybe briefly mid-40s by around 3:00 p.m. then by sunset, 4:49. back down to near 40 degrees. post your pictures like nancy mclym maclin of the beautiful lights. love sharing your pictures on facebook and twitter and instagram as well. tonight, 40 degrees, 6:00 to ç 8:00 p.m. much of the region down to the upper 30s between 8:00 and 11:00 with a clear sky and lighter wind overnight tonight. storm team 4 four-day forecast, tomorrow, 30, monday, highs reach the mid-40s. that's the average high for this time of year. we'll get above average on monday and much above average on tuesday with increasing clouds monday. the mid-50s. maybe a little passing light shower on tuesday. otherwise cloudy and near 60,
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may make it into the mid-60s. storm team 4 seven-day outlook on wednesday. passing showers are possible on when as well. as well as on thursday. up near 70 degrees on christmas eve day on thursday and maybe a few passing rain showers. then it should dry out thursday night by dawn, christmas morning on friday, it will be in the upper 40s and during the afternoon, the upper 50s on friday with some sunshine. here's a peek at next weekend. if you have visitors maybe will be out and about over the weekend, next saturday, should be partly sunny in the mid-50s. next sunday, next weekend, it will be in the low 50s with passing rain showers. >> 8:51. and a push to keep teenagers out of tanning beds nationwide. how long before we could have a decision on the new proposal from the fda. >> in case you're one of those that need to get holiday shopping done this weekend, a few event today's tell you about. the procrastinators holiday market, love that name. rhode island avenue in
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northeast, starting at 10:00 this morning. also, the rockville volunteer fire department is bringing santa claus to town. see him today at 2:00 at 6:08 north horner's lane. we're back after this.
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you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. only the most popular droids in the galaxy get invited to the white house. that includes our r2-d2. first lady michelle obama posted this video of the famous robot
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arriving at the presidential mansion on friday with a stormtrooper escort, of course. r2 met the first dogs as you can see, bo was impressed. they posed with the christmas decorations and the snow on the white house lawn. >> surprised he didn't have to go through the metal detector, set everything off. >> that's right. disney is protecting its "star wars" the force awakens. can it surpass $250 million this week alone? that will beat the record domestic opening of "jurassic world" back in june with an estimated $57 million for its premiere night, mostly from presales. this weekend's sales will depend more on traditional walkup business. fairfax county school board considering a change to its school naming policy. this could affect those named for confederate generals.
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community members have been trying to change the names of jeff stewart, robert e. lee and a third school that honors a past superintendent, that would be w.t. woodson in fairfax. the campaign to change the schools' names began in june after a deadly shooting at a church in charleston, south carolina. the fda is makingç a move ban anyone under the age of 18 from using tanning beds. >> it says using them at a young age dramatically increases the risk of skin cancer. there is 75,000 new cases of melanoma reported this year. erica hill has more on the fda's proposal. >> reporter: as skin cancer rates rise dramatically in the u.s., there's an urgent focus on a known cause, indoor tanning beds. >> we commonly see women in their 20s with melanoma. almost every one of those young women has spent extensive time in a tanning bed. >> reporter: the fda wants to bar all minors under 18 from using indoor tanning beds and would require adults to sign a
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consent form acknowledging the risks. a number of states already regulate access for minors while 13 states in the district of columbia ban the practice entirely for those under 18. the indoor tanning association says the decision should be left up to parents. dr. deborah sarnoff sees this daily. are these regulations enough? >> no. i wish we could shut down the tanning industry as a whole. i think these ultraviolet boxes, it's a proven carcinogen. >> reporter: at 24, melissa cohen was diagnosed with early stage melanoma. >> i was definitely shocked. >> reporter: two years later, this medical student sees tanning in a much different light. >> my message would be that tanning does not make you more beautiful and to just really take care of yourself. >> reporter: erica hill, nbc news, new york. we have video of the incident that cost a loudoun county sheriff's deputy his job.
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what, he says, is the story behind the assault. time to break out the winter coat. i'll take you outside for a live look. wind chill starting out below freezing. tom kierein breaking down when you can expect more cold
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breaking news this morning out of virginia, one person is dead after a car accident in fairfax


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